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5 years ago to the day, I had the desire / madness / ambition to create my own business.

What motivated me then was to offer a different offer to my customers, to be a real driver in the development of a technical project, and especially to take full responsibility for the projects that SolOne would lead.

I especially wanted to taste the freedom of entrepreneurship.

Quickly, great people supported me in this project: my family first, my first employees who trusted a young box without references, my professional network that provided me with valuable advice.

Five years later, this same core is almost intact, and other support has been added to make the SolOne project a recognized company on the market, working on large projects and offering complete offers.

I dreamed about it, we did it together: SolOne is an engineering.

For that, I thank from the bottom of my heart all of you, who believe in SolOne and who makes this dream a reality.

The entrepreneurial life is not as rosy as my naivety believed, there is stress, sleepless nights and especially a lot of work.

But thanks to you, it’s exciting, and 5 years later, if it was again I would do the same choice.

Thank you Team SolOne, yesterday and today, for tomorrow.

Happy Birthday !



Very proud Founder 😊

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N   E   W   S