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A lawyer by training, specializing in human resources and employment law, I spent 10 years supporting major decision-makers in the ENERGY and TRANSPORTATION sectors through the implementation of technical assistance services.

As I progressed through my career, first as the Sales Director, and later as the General Director of Engineering and Consulting, I gained a profound understanding of the various stakeholders and the technical and contractual challenges involved in large projects, both in France and internationally (ICHTHYS, PAZFLOR, CLOV, Flamanville EPR, Electric Green Taxiing System, etc.)

This diversified background ultimately led to the incredible opportunity to actively participate in each step of technical assistance services. Through this experience, I gained insight for the need to adapt to meet the ever-increasing constraints of our business:

  • Optimal understanding of the expressed requirements with a proposed global solution as the operational Consultant,
  • A reactive and efficient solution provided in a context of steady recruitment by activating multiple networks,
  • Adaptability and autonomy while managing logistical and environmental constraints, particularly in international projects,
  • Responses to and guarantee of our compliance with legal changes and standard regulations in our area of business,
  • Expertly controlled expenditures and optimization of the project capital.

SolOne Engineering Solutions seeks to distinguish itself through intense focus and innovation in these areas, with the sole objective of satisfying our interlocutors, customers and candidates.

Gaëlle SOLTYSIAK – Co-founder and Director

SolOne Engineering Solutions

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