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July 2016 – 3 questions to …

Emilie SOLTYSIAK, Consultant for SolOne Belgium

1- Can you introduce yourself, as well as your role within SolOne?

As a consultant for SolOne Belgium, I am in charge of the follow-up of our clients, and I accompany them particularly on their requests in Recruitment.

My role is to work on a specification, to launch the searches via the SolOne network, with the aim of presenting the SolOne candidate to the client.

During all the phases of the Recruitment, I am the exclusive contact of the candidate and the client, in order to establish a clear communication and an efficiency of the process for all the interlocutors.

2– Which positions are currently open as part of your activity?

Currently we work on quite varied positions such as QHSE, Electronic Engineer or Web Developer. We mainly communicate our offers within the Network but also on job-boards like Steptone Belgium.

We are not limited to a sector of intervention, the SolOne Network being active in the industry in general.

3- Why apply as a candidate for SolOne, according to you?

As part of our recruitment activity, I do believe that a candidate applying through our intermediary will be able to benefit from a listening and a follow-up which will enable him to advance serenely in his search for professional opportunities. He is truly considered as a customer for whom we are committed.

Thanks to our networking, we are able to offer our candidates job postings perfectly in line with reality, and to exchange with our customers to offer them solutions that are deliberately limited but highly targeted.

Again, everybody gains in efficiency!

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