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Ethics in Human Resource Management

Ethique ressources humainesOur desire to institute and insist on an ethical climate at SolOne extends beyond our own employees to the candidates we encounter in our external recruitment efforts.

This value is rooted in respect.

SolOne team members demonstrate a profound respect for people. On a day-to-day basis, this translates into a team of hard working individuals whose voices are heard and who receive the support they need in terms of professional skills and development. These efforts are supported within the context of a policy that centers on the management of competencies and highly efficient training.

Our selection process, which spearheads our specialized recruitment service, treats candidates as customers. We want them to feel confident in their choice of SolOne. We do this by meeting their expectations on a daily basis and establishing a strong system of guidance and support for recruited candidates.

Our goal: Every actor intervening on behalf of SolOne should be proud to represent the company, and should naturally be motivated to partner with us in our pursuit of excellence.

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